Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church

Westside Women

2017/2018 Year-at-a-Glance

Please see the following opportunities to be involved over the coming year. There is a form link provided for each to express your interest or ask any questions.

Bible and Book Studies - If you would like to join an off-site, small group study or if you are open to having new people join your current group, click here.

QUAD Discipleship Groups - QUADS are in-depth discipleship groups of four women who commit to meet together for one year. Because of the limited number of trained leaders, only Westside members are eligible to participate. Sign up here.

Westside Women Gatherings - We're looking for a team to plan fun events!  Sign up here.

Westside Outdoors - We're also looking for a team to plan outdoors events. This group may eventually become co-ed. Interested?

Westside Moms - For moms with kids of all ages, would you be interested in a Moms Share (topical conversations with moms of all stages) and/or Park Playdates? If you'd like to join a planning team for either, sign up here.

Women's Retreat - The retreat, tentatively scheduled for February or March of 2018, is a time for rest and renewal. To serve on the planning team, let us know here.