Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church

Redemptive Unity


Redemptive Unity Forum Series
Sundays March 4th, 11th, 18th from 9:00-10:15 AM at Boyd Elementary School - Led by Claude Ball, Pastoral Intern
Stay tuned for updates on forum series dates

What is Redemptive Unity? 

Redemptive Unity is a term our church is using to illustrate our ministry vision to draw diversity into our church community. In summary, this ministry embodies three different and important themes:

  1. Provides a fuller picture of diversity (Not limited to race)
  2. Embodies our purpose (To embody and preview the kingdom of God from Buckhead to Bankhead)
  3. Is rooted in the Gospel (Scripture is our ultimate authority and our only rule of faith and practice)

Why should Christians pursue Redemptive Unity?

The essence of the Gospel involves tearing down barriers – first between God and people, and then between different groups of people. Therefore, Redemptive Unity seeks more than having a diverse Sunday morning gathering, but rather, it seeks to build a community knitted together by deep, genuine relationships that boldly cross ethnic, cultural and economic lines. Our parish has long been systematically divided along these lines in complex and tragic ways, so we believe this present reality requires us to embrace a ministry of Redemptive Unity as an explicit and deliberate part of how we pursue this church’s purpose in our community.

How do we plan to pursue Redemptive Unity? 

Our plan is a two-fold effort that must be pursued in tandem: corporate sanctification and community engagement while engaging each other through a process of embodied growth.

Corporate Sanctification means equipping our church community in Redemptive Unity. There are seemingly superficial barriers that could be deterrents for minorities to remain with our body, which means we want to be intentional with aligning our church community in a collective vision and effort.

Community Engagement is our hope to better engage our community through organic and programmatic efforts. Organic efforts can include investigating our current social streams to see if they're homogenous. Programmatic efforts can include community events such as block parties and prayer walks.

The Process of Embodied Growth is a posture we hope everyone will grow into while pursuing Redemptive Unity. The process is as follows:

  1. Explore: We want members to explore their racial identities, culture, and/or apathy toward them with recommended books, podcasts, blogs, curriculums, and exercises.
  2. Understand: While exploring, we hope members begin to understand why these issues are important, how they affect our worldviews, and how it can hinder areas in need of spiritual maturity.
  3. Do: While continuing to explore and understand, we want to encourage members to begin doing something constructive.
  4. Lead: Our hope is that our members will begin to be leaders in their families, friend groups, workplaces, and the church community.

Redemptive Unity Forum Handout Class 1