Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church

Community Groups

Atlanta Westside Community Groups

Two commonly asked questions now have the same go-to answer: 1. How can I get connected with others in the church? Check out a community group. 2. How can I get cared for by church leaders? Get involved in a community group.

Community groups meet every other week in homes on the Westside to enjoy fellowship, discuss a recent sermon, and pray. Our aim is to make community groups the most consistently available and widely accessible avenue for both connection and care. They’ll always be open to members, attenders, and guests, no matter where you live.

How do you sign up for a community group? Fill out this online form.

How can you learn more?

  1. Review this brief Westside Community Group FAQ.
  2. Read this Pastoral Letter from Associate Pastor, Chris Talley.
  3. Email

Leaders, give us feedback on how your group is going? Fill out this online form.